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What is Coaching? And Why Should I Try It?

When you hear the word “coaching,” what comes to mind? Sports teams? A luxury for highly successful people? Some sort of expert talking down to you? While some of these images might pop into your mind, I see a different picture when I hear “coaching.”

When I think about coaching, I see two people working together to achieve a specific goal. I see a thoughtful conversation to enhance a person’s existing strengths and attributes. Coaching isn’t one person telling another person what to do or how to live their life; instead, it is a collaboration between two people to co-create the best possible outcome for a person.

Everyone wants to be a leader in their personal and professional lives and feel confident in their abilities. Through coaching, you can unlock and refine these skills. Coaching helps you learn that the most significant obstacles are those we make for ourselves and how overcoming these obstacles can help you become the person you always imagined. As a coach, I am not an expert in you—you are! We will work together to help you learn to improve yourself and to tackle the goals that you want to master.

So why should you try coaching? The answer is simple: How many times have you attempted to better yourself, but you didn’t know where to start? How many time have you wanted to accomplish a particular goal, but didn’t know which steps to take? The accountability of a coach can help you make a plan, stick to it, and see your goals fulfilled. One on One Coaching Sessions can help you begin to unlock a more profound sense of self. To book a complimentary session, click here.

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