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Personal Growth as a Leadership Tool

A common reason for folks to seek coaching is to become a better leader. Leadership is tough to define, but when I think of leaders I admire, I see leaders who are passionate, resilient, influential, have a purpose or vision. Leaders who motivate others, solve problems, and so much more. Some of these qualities might come naturally, and others might need some empowerment or enhancement.

A coach cannot give you these qualities or skills, but they can empower you to improve these skills through a commitment to personal growth. A common misconception is that basic abilities or qualities cannot change in a meaningful way; in fact, these things can be cultivated and improved upon with a positive growth mindset. Growth happens when we fail or experience a setback, and instead of letting it derail us, we push through – but that’s the extreme example. Each day is an opportunity to learn, and people who are committed to personal growth fully embrace this mindset. Learning to lead through personal growth is about embracing imperfections and acknowledging challenges as opportunities rather than failures.

Leadership is difficult and messy. It isn’t easy to admit mistakes and abandon the image you have crafted for yourself. People who embrace growth can be more honest with themselves because they do not have a fear of failing in front of others – or themselves, for that matter. These folks welcome challenges and are willing to try new things and encourage others to do the same. A commitment to personal growth allows us to live into our leadership potential.

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